Aesthetic dentistry


Aesthetic dentistry


Are not you satisfied with your teeth or smile?

Thanks to the aesthetic dentistry, everyone has now boasted a beautiful smile!

For filling we use absolutely tooth-colour, light-curing filling material. If you have problems with your old amalgam filling you should change it to a modern and aesthetic one.

Aesthetic filling - before and after

Aesthetic filling
(before and after)

Professional whitening in Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár

Professional whitening (before and after)

Have a beautiful smile!

To save the health of your teeth and to have an attractive smile you should go to your dentist for calculus removal in every six months. Tooth polishing helps you to stop spreading caries and makes teeth whiter. To protect beauty of your teeth come to our clinic for an air flow treatment.

Snow white teeth?

With our teeth whitening techniques, the color of your teeth can be whiter than 3-4 shades!

Would you keep your natural smile and the integrity of your teeth?

Please feel free to contact our dentists!

Dissatisfied with your teeth shape?

Porcelain veneer can be a good solution for your aesthetic problems. Just the preparation of the frontal side of your tooth is needed and the veneer can be put on it what results brightly white, natural-looking tooth.

Creating long-lasting and aesthetic solution we suggest making inlay and onlay. These fillings can be made from special plastic-porcelain alloy, clear porcelain or even gold.

Applying a porcelain shell (3D)

Dental inlay

Inlay (model)

Do you have large-sized caries holes in your grinding teeth?

For the purpose of aesthetics and durability, we recommend inlay and onlay. They are used in such cases when the aesthetic compositional filler material can no longer be used in such quantities and extent. The inserts can be made of special plastic-china alloy, pure gold or gold for its durability.

To maintain the beauty of your teeth, come in for oral hygiene treatment with AIR FLOW.

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