Dental implants


Dental Implantation


Implantation requires sufficient amount and quality of bone in the jaw bone

This is the most modern process in replacement.

The lost tooth can be replaced with an artificial root implant and it results an excellent aesthetic and functional solution.

Before implantation, it is necessary to clarify the following issues:

  • Are you suitable for dental implantation?
  • Is your jaw suitable for?
  • Is the amount and quality of the bone adequate to accommodate the implant?
Dental Implantation in Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár
structure of the implant ( 3D )

Would you keep your natural smile and the integrity of your teeth?

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The process of implantation

Dental implantation is performed in local anesthesia and is painless thanks to the most modern anesthetic materials and techniques. At the time of surgery, the titanium implant is inserted into the bone. The surgery is completed by inserting the seams.

The healing phase

Usually 3-4 months (lower jaw) or 5-6 months (upper jaw), enough so that the implant is secured to be charged, i.e. it can be replaced tooth. For a full fixation, it takes a longer time, about one year. During this time, the bone cells are fully immersed in the micropores on the surface of the implants. This bony connection creates a stable fixation of the implants, they will be able to be chewing pressure durable, damage-free through which endure.

implantation process ( 3D video)

Mini implants

Sometimes just mini implants are applicable when there is no opportunity to use normal implants. The most important advantages of mini implants that they can be placed in a shorter time even in 2 hours and the costs of it are much lower than normal implants.

mini implant from close

mini implant from close

making implantation - dental laboratory
dental laboratory

Making Dentures

After the healing time, we create the prosthesis. The dental laboratory prepares the chosen prosthesis, which can be either metal-free or conventional crown, bridge, or removable denture.

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