Dental Prosthesis


Dental Prosthesis


There are many reasons how we can loose a tooth, because of caries, gum recession or in an accident. But anyway the missing tooth must be replaced so prosthesis is necessary.

The chosen process always depends on the place and number of missing teeth and of course on the patience’s expectations and possibilities.

Choosing the right dental prosthesis depends on several factors. Consider the number of teeth to be replaced and the condition of the surrounding teeth and the periodontum, as well as many other factors.

Dental prosthetic - Bridge model

Dental prosthetic ( Bridge )

Placement of dental crown

Dental Crowns


Supplement on the surface of the polished tooth. The crown is fixed to the blanched stem by an adhesive cement. Its use is recommended if there are few intact teeth that can not be replaced by filling or inlay. It can be used to restore the shape and the aesthetic abnormalities of the teeth, as well as to enhance the fixation of removable dentures.

Pivot crown

For large scale destruction, if the crown of the tooth is completely or irretrievably destroyed, but the root / roots and the surrounding parodontium are intact. It is also possible to fix the prosthesis to the root, which is a prerequisite for the presence of the correct root filling in the root and the proper anatomical conditions. In this case, the pre-formed cavity of a root stump is to replace the buffed crown. The prosthesis (crown, bridge, partial denture) is fixed to this.

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Crowns can be fixed on the intact teeth next to the missing tooth/teeth making a bridge above the hole. The bridge may be used in the absence of one or more adjacent tooths if the lack of teeth is not too large and the extent of the mucous membrane base in the deficiency is not high.

Inlay Bridge

In case of just one missing tooth the two ends of the bridge can be fixed inlay the surrounding teeth without polishing them if they were filled before.

Dental bridges in Hungary

Dental bridge

types of prosthesis

types of tooth prostheses

Partial and complete denture

In case of many missing teeth removable denture can be made. With complete dentition or with remaining teeth, fixed prostheses can no longer be used for removable prostheses made of plastic or metal base with a larger part of the partial tooth shortage, which replace missing teeth with a part of the swollen mucous membrane (artificial), the chewing force so that it is not only fixed to the teeth, but also to the gum parts, either fixed or completely by the use of the toothless parts of the tooth or, in the case of still teeth, in the denture and specially concealed

Porcelain veneers

The most spectacular solution of porcelain veneers when they are made onto the front teeth. These are very accurately prepared thin replacements. It can be used to correct damages, bigger gaps or size differences.

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